Six Snapshots We Love

Six Snapshots We Love

Snapshot Videos are an effective tool to stay top of mind with your members. Under three minutes and crafted to keep a viewer’s attention throughout, these videos are quick and simple to put together and can be used in your email newsletters, website, and favorite social media platforms to share important information about your association.

Let’s take a look at some of our favorite Snapshot videos and why we love them.

#1 American Geriatrics Society

A quick, informative video, American Geriatrics Society sends out this snapshot video via email and social media right before member renewal to remind them all of the benefits they provide with membership.

#2 American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry

AACD utilized two different voice-overs in this quick snapshot update to help appeal to all types of members. The voice change is slightly unexpected but attention-grabbing, which keeps their members engaged until the very end of the video.

#3 Florida League of Cities

Florida League of Cities really commits to providing frequent and concise updates to their members, sending out their Snapshot Update Videos every Friday.

#4 Metal Treating Institute

Because Metal Treating Institute sends snapshot update videos twice a month, they can focus on a singular topic with each video, sharing how this topic this affects their members in a quick update.

#5 Association of Water Technologies

Because Association of Water Technologies chose not to use a voice-over for this video, they were able to quickly receive this video and mobilize when messaging and communication is needed quickly.

#6 American Society of Cytopathology

With the combo of professional voice-overs, an organization’s images, text, and content, it can keep a viewer’s attention until the very end, even if it is just a snapshot update.

More Information on Snapshot Videos

With the use of frequent and concise video communication to your members, you can ensure you can get updates and important information disseminated quickly. When creating snapshot videos for your audience, consider how frequently you can send and use them, whether weekly, monthly, or semi-annually. A snapshot update can be very powerful when members expect to receive one on the first of every month, or every Friday.


Learn more about Snapshot Videos and learn if they are a tool that your association can use.


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