Eight Ways Your Association Can Use Zoom

Eight Ways Your Association Can Use Zoom

Six Powerful Zoom Features that Every Association Should be Using Right Now

Zoom is a really powerful tool that associations all around the country are using to connect with their members and audience. It’s an easily accessible platform with a minimal learning curve that allows much more to be done in a meeting than just a phone call or email. From file sharing, chatting and screen sharing, there are tons of creative ways that Zoom can help you connect with your members past the average meeting. After working with many associations around the country who are using Zoom, here are a few of our favorite ways associations are getting creative to engage their members.

Webinars & Seminars

If you have educational or legislative information to share with your audience or simply want to share a breakout session from your annual conference, you can share a webinar or seminar to a much larger digital audience via Zoom. Get the word out about important topics in your industry via Zoom. If the webinars are pre-recorded, your members can have access to these seminars at any time.


Board meetings, committee meetings, and everything else you can think of. Now you’re face-to-face.

Set “Office Hours”

If you want to create more of a dialogue for your members to be able to speak with you or your association’s leadership, set Office Hours on Zoom for a few hours a month. Tell your members to pop in any time they have a question or want to discuss an idea with you. You can digitally meet “face to face” which becomes more personal than an email or phone call.

Roundtables & Member Discussions

Allow a space for your members who may be spread throughout your state or the country to connect with one another. Set times for different groups of members (whether executives, new members, industry professionals, marketers or any other type) to connect with one another at dedicated “Zoom Room” hangouts. They’ll be able to connect with one another and bounce any ideas off of each other.  

Online Education

If your association provides your members with educational opportunities or certifications for your industry, replicate in-person classes on a digital level with Zoom. Offer online courses or live classes for industry certifications or continuing education for your profession. With collaborative features like Whiteboarding or annotation tools for screen-sharing, it’s an easy way to disseminate information for your members. Record your classes so you can share the courses again and again!

Testimonials &  Interviews

Because Zoom allows your association a quick and easy video and audio connection with your members, it’s a great way to grab a quick testimonial or sound byte. 


Don’t push important information to your next board meeting or conference. Easily share presentations and documents and walk through the information together. Whether that’s important legislative information or industry changes, you don’t have to wait until your annual conference or meeting. 

Stream to Facebook &  Social Channels

Zoom is a great tool to help stream a meeting, announcement or video update to your website or social channels. With Zoom you can easily stream to YouTube or Facebook to reach an even bigger audience.

All Hands Meeting

If you have a large staff or are dispersed throughout your state or across the country, don’t wait for a once a year event to meet in person. Set “all hands” meetings to see everyone face to face and catch up for important information.

Free ZOOM License

If you’re an Association Studios subscriber you automatically get a free Zoom license.

For more information about video subscriptions and all of the benefits of being a subscriber, learn more here.


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