How to Maximize Your Association’s Budget

How to Maximize Your Association’s Budget

Marketing for associations requires constantly keeping up with developments in technology as well as changes in your target market’s preferences and demographics. That takes time, resources, and money. So does implementing tactics and strategies to address those changes.

You need to build the skills and retain the people necessary to construct the marketing assets that will help you meet your marketing goals. All of these things affect association marketing budgets.

Video production for associations can be one of those major line items in those budgets.

Whether real or imagined, associations face hurdles when they’re looking for quality video production. Often, those hurdles are about resources, equipment, or just time. Producing quality video costs time, people, and money. In-house video production can put a strain on valuable association marketing dollars.

But, producing a professional video for your association does not have to involve hiring a team of video professionals, buying a ton of expensive equipment that you’ll need only periodically, or sending your existing employees back to night school. What if there was a way to gain access to an entire team of experienced, proven video production professionals? What if you could hire this team for less than it would take to build up in-house resources?

Take Your Association Marketing to the Next Level: Outsource

Video production requires a lot of specialized knowledge. It’s basically filmmaking without the film stock. Through the digital recording of images, video production captures the message of your association and molds that message to fit your branding, mission, and target audience.

For a monthly flat fee as low as $1,000, Association Studios helps its clients produce up to 20 hours of quality professional video each month. That includes the resources of our entire video production department: producers, editors, animators, scriptwriters, and more. That kind of value goes far in the budgets of most non-profits and can help significantly in marketing for associations. 

After all, if you generate quality, effective video for your association and save money at the same time, your funds can instead go to supporting other critical marketing initiatives like web and print copywriting, whitepapers, social media messaging, and even blog posts and newsletters. The possibilities are truly endless—once you free up the financial resources to support them.

Just How Far Does $1,000 Go?

If, like most non-profits, you direct your resource dollars as much as you can to your mission, every penny counts. That’s why Association Studios offers a range of flat-fee monthly subscriptions to fit every level of need and every budget. Even if your association has limited resources, our subscription plans can still help you maximize your spend and get nine to twelve videos a year—videos that can engage your audience and further your mission. You’ll also get access to Association Studios’ video production management software, which associations use to maximize their partnership with us and achieve a new level of collaboration.

Save Money by Learning New Skills

Association Studios also teaches associations how to shoot videos themselves. With Association Studios, you never leave the driver’s seat. But, you may decide that shooting video in-house allows you more complete control over creating and capturing your creative vision, and this may be the route for you. If so, our video production experts can teach you how to shoot pro video and edit it post-production. We will teach you the skills you need to effectively form, capture, and deliver your message. 


You know what you want to say. You might even know how you want to say it. Transferring that message to video professionally, effectively, and efficiently can be hard to do. For a low monthly fee, Association Studios can help you create the assets you need to capture and communicate your marketing messages at a fraction of the cost of developing and maintaining the knowledge and resources in-house. 

Shooting quality video does not have to be a difficult or daunting task. By partnering with a provider of video production services, you can free up your in-house resources and accomplish your video marketing objectives.

To see how Association Studios has helped other clients with their video production needs, check out our case studies, where we also go through how other associations have structured their video productions over the course of a calendar year.



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