Streaming Zoom Meetings via Social Media and YouTube Channels

Streaming Zoom Meetings via Social Media and YouTube Channels

Live streaming is a valuable technology tool that help’s your Association’s message reach more users. It is a relatively easy and cost-effective way to get your message to your target audience, industry or members. Now, video live streaming is nearly essential for building brands. Live streaming is more integrated and easier to arrange than ever before, and your audience can connect via mobile phones, which now offer more media performance than the desktops of ten years ago did.

When holding a meeting, webinar or a panel on Zoom, think about the opportunity to take that meeting one step further and share that Zoom meeting with your audience that may not be on your Zoom meeting, but on social channels. 

There are a few ways to share prerecorded or live streamed meetings with your audience. With a prerecorded live stream, you can share that video of the event traditionally via email or your website, or upload it directly to YouTube or social media. 

If you want to capture the attention of your target audience and include them in the Zoom meeting or event in real-time, an easy way to do so is via Facebook Live or YouTube Live. 

Streaming the Zoom meeting live on Facebook on your Facebook timeline or on a group or a page that you are an admin for. This will allow a user who watches to comment and interact while the meeting is happening. 

Live Stream Prerequisites

To stream your meeting on Facebook Live or YouTube, you must have a Pro, Business, Education or Enterprise Account, with the host as a licensed user. Additionally, make sure you enable the Live Stream feature for Facebook and YouTube. If you want to Live Stream a webinar, you must make sure the host has the webinar add-on enabled. 

On Zoom, you’ll need to make sure all members of your organization have the account settings to live stream meetings. Click Account Management and go to Account Settings, then toggle “Allow live streaming meetings” under “In Meeting” and enable Facebook. You can either do this for all users on an administrative level, or each user can do this. 

Facebook Live

As you are getting ready to start the meeting or webinar that will be streamed, start your webinar or meeting. In the meeting or webinar controls, click “More,” then click “Live on Facebook.” You’ll be prompted to log into Facebook. Choose where on Facebook where you would like to go live, whether on your timeline, in a group, event or page you manage. Click Next. When you are ready to start the broadcast, click “Go Live.” Wait for the notification from Zoom client that your Webinar is Live on Facebook, then begin your Zoom event.

YouTube Live

If YouTube is the preferred platform to live stream on, that’s an easy setup as well. There will be about a 20-second delay on this platform. Those users viewing on YouTube can only comment on YouTube and not interact with any other meeting participants. 

When starting the Zoom event, click on “More” in the meeting or webinar controls and click “Live on YouTube.” Sign into your Gmail or Google account you’ll be directed to “broadcast Zoom Meeting to YouTube Live.” Your Zoom webinar title o YouTube will be populated with the Zoom meeting title – you can change it. Also, make sure the privacy setting that you want is listed. 

Next, click the “Go Live!” button. You’ll see a progress bar to let you know your session is being prepared for live streaming. Wait for the notification from Zoom that you are alive on YouTube. When you would like to stop the meeting from streaming, click “More” then “Stop Live Stream” to stop at any time. 


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