The Process for Creating an Explainer Video

The Process for Creating an Explainer Video

The average website visitor has an attention span shorter than that of a goldfish,according to Time Magazine. In other words, the average viewer’s concentration lasts less than nine seconds.


This creates a challenge: How can you explain your service, motivate your base, or recruit new members in such a brief window? Enter the explainer video, which captures viewer attention with dynamic animation.


Explainer Videos Reflect Your Unique Voice

Your association has unique needs. You may want to demonstrate a new high-tech whiteboard for the classroom or showcase the impact of your mission on a community. At Association Studios, we’re uniquely qualified to craft vivid, memorable, and highly engaging videos. We’ve produced videos for hundreds of associations across the U.S., each with its own personality and message.


According to Forbes, explainer videos hold viewer attention longer and significantly increase the rate of earnings growth. Our job is to ensure that your video is packed with gripping information and audio. We’ll do the heavy lifting, but it’s your story being told, so you’ll have the final say during every stage of the process.


The Explainer Video Production Process

  1. In a pre-production call, we’ll discuss your target audience, goals, and the style of video you have in mind. We’ll distill what makes your organization special. We do this to ensure that we’ll be on the same page throughout the production process.
  2. You’ll consult with one of our scriptwriters, who will bring your message to life. The scriptwriter will interview you to gather all the information you would like your video to include, and then synthesize it into a script. As always, you’ll be in control – you’ll review the final script and we’ll make any desired edits.
  3. You’ll choose a narrator for your script. This is, quite literally, the voice of your project. At Association Studios, we recognize the importance of selecting the right voice, and offer a comprehensive library of voice options to tailor to your audience. Are you targeting millennials or seniors, or a specific world region? No matter who your demographic is, we have a narrator they can relate to.
  4. In the post-production stage, an animator will produce 20 seconds of video and present it to you for input or approval. Once we have your approval, we will produce a final version of the video. Remember that you always have the final word – nothing will get published without your say-so.

Explainer videos can greatly increase the power of your marketing strategy. You can use them on your website and social media platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. They are key to attracting millennials, who are far more likely to engage with shareable content,according to Our explainer videos are concise, witty, and packed with energy – in short, they’re designed to be shared.



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