Types of Monthly Update Videos

Monthly update videos utilize a range of strategies to engage members and effectively communicate your organization’s purpose.

To adequately inform current and prospective members about your organization’s message, we offer a comprehensive source of association hosted, talent hosted, and high energy countdown-style videos to deliver your story in a way that is accessible to professional association members and the public alike.

Our monthly update videos include:

  • Association-hosted content
  • Talent-hosted content
  • Informative countdown style videos

By incorporating a team of experienced marketing professionals ranging from writers and animators to editors and producers, we deliver your members engaging content that educates the public about the purpose of your organization on a range of social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, or hosted directly on your association’s website.

From educational resources to personalized advocacy, our highly informative updates and video explainers provide your organization’s membership base with all the information required to engage with your association directly.

Our Monthly Update and Explainer Videos

Whether hosted by your association’s website or by one of our talented marketing professionals, Association Studios offers a range of formats to deliver your organization’s content.

Association Studio’s primary forms of video marketing content are as follows:

Association-Hosted Content

With association-hosted content, videos are shared and uploaded directly to your organization’s website, offering members a chance to engage directly with content and deliver your organization’s message from the convenience of the company website.

Association-hosted videos offer organization heads a chance to deliver information in person, an excellent choice for executive directors and other representatives who prefer to deliver your organization’s message with a personal touch.

Talent-Hosted Content

Our team of association marketing experts hosts your organization’s content on a range of social media platforms, including Facebook and Twitter.

Through talent-hosted content, your organization’s message will be maximized by reaching the largest audience possible—educating the public by sharing your story while attracting new membership.

Talent-hosted content utilizes professional voice actors to effectively inform, communicate, and deliver your organization’s message to the most comprehensive audience possible.

In addition to professional voice talent, update videos hosted by Association Studios may also include live professional actors skilled in delivering your association’s latest developments, headlines, and providing members with access to information and resources.

Countdown Style

Our countdown-style videos employ a strategic combination of graphics, music, and voice over talent to deliver high energy, engaging clips that communicate your organization’s mission in a way that’s immediately impactful, utilizing countdowns and sixty-second updates.

Countdown-style videos are an effective way to relay facts, figures, and statistical information—making them an excellent choice for outlining association timelines and milestones with high energy graphics and sound effects that sustain viewers’ interests.

From science and research to healthcare and medicine, our team of skilled professionals utilize their expertise in marketing for associations to deliver your organization’s message across various platforms in the most effective way possible.



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