What Is a Monthly Update Video?

If you’re looking to deliver more value to your members, monthly video updates are an effective solution. Video has transformed how associations communicate with their members. When it comes to the monthly update video, 83% of businesses believe they get a better return on investment with videos than with other methods of communication.

As a result, association marketing efforts that rely on direct mail, email, or static social media posts are seen as outdated and ineffective.

Videos can also open up new opportunities to gather sponsors and create income as another form of non-dues revenue. Develop key relationships with other organizations in your industry to expand networking opportunities for your members and find sponsors for your monthly video updates. When you do that, the amount of progress your association accomplishes in a short amount of time might surprise you.

What Should Monthly Update Videos Include?

When creating content for your videos, the focus should be on driving brand awareness and generating interest in your association. A monthly update video can include a variety of information and the options are endless.

You might consider:

  • Committee updates
  • Legislative progress
  • New sponsors
  • Event information
  • New member spotlight
  • Best practices
  • Explainer videos
  • Awareness of social issues

Add interviews and updates from association representatives or members working on special projects for a unique behind-the-scenes experience to create a positive and memorable connection to your brand and what it stands for.]

Delivering Quality Monthly Update Videos

Quality video updates can increase the value of membership in your association and serve as a useful tool for recruiting new members to your cause. Whether you choose to give your members live video or a pre-recorded segment, you should always start with a script. A list of bullet points outlining the topic and purpose of your video can be enough if you have public speaking experience. Otherwise, drafting full content might produce better results.

Expensive camera equipment or editing software isn’t required as long as you’re able to appear professional and deliver a quality presentation. You could start by using your cell phone to record video updates. The key to making it work with cell phone video is adequate lighting. To represent the association in the best possible way, make sure your video is crisp and the audio is clear.

How to Promote Monthly Update Videos

Creating a monthly update video is only the first step. Once you’ve created a quality product, you must market your videos to get them in front of the right audience. Promoting your video content will encourage people to find, play, and watch your message.

A video campaign on Facebook or Twitter can help spread the word about your association. If your members tend to use LinkedIn, sharing your video there as an update or in relevant groups could add value to the conversation. You could also play your video at an industry event the next time you’re giving a presentation.

To go beyond the one-dimensional approach to educating members, add video updates to your marketing plan. It is effective marketing for associations because it enhances the member experience by introducing images, text, music, and graphics to portray the message more completely.



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