The Five Best Things About the New VPMA Stock Library

The Five Best Things About the New VPMA Stock Library

Earlier this month, Association Studios released the all-new Stock Library on the Video Production Management App – the proprietary project collaboration tool for video production.  The VPMA Stock Library is an extensive collection of video, music, motion graphics and some of the most fundamental production elements to make attention-grabbing, engaging videos.

Not only is the new Stock Library a great tool for our editors and producers, it’s an incredible addition to the VPMA that will make video production easier and better for you, too.

Take a look at some of our favorite reasons we love the new Stock Library in the VPMA – we think you’ll love them, too.

#1. Get More Involved in the Post Production Process

Even though you won’t be the one that actually edits and creates your video (leave that to our professional video editors!), you can make specific selections on stock videos, music and graphics ahead of time and get more involved in the post-production process (learn more about the three different stages of video production here). By making these selections, you’ll work right alongside our editors as they create your final video, uk best right in step with their every move.

#2. Get Your Video Post Production Quicker

By having an extensive selection of assets right at your fingertips, you can cut down on time searching for stock graphics, videos and animations to use, getting your project right to production. For video editors, no time is wasted endlessly searching for example assets to send for approval. For our customers, there’s no need to constantly search for or purchase the perfect stock image, music, or videos to use. After all, time is of the essence.

#3. Reduce the Number of Edits

By selecting all the production elements beforehand, you’ll really get a good understanding of what your final video will look and feel like. Having these selections decided ahead of time cuts down greatly on the amount of edits your video will go through, which will ultimately gets you to a final video faster – our favorite benefit of this Stock Library!

#4. Find Ideas and Inspiration

What better way to gather inspiration for a video project by browsing thousands of stock images, animations, videos and music selections? Even if what you find in the stock library might not work for your current video project, it may spark an idea essays services for a future video or way to engage your audience.

#5. Better Video and Less Stressful Projects

One of our favorite features of the VPMA is the collaborative communication it provides. The Stock Library only furthers that clear, collaborative communication – it allows you to communicate directly with the editors who’ll be working to edit and deliver your perfect video. With more transparent communication and easy insight to what your project might look like, video production has never been more enjoyable (or less stressful!).

Not familiar with the Video Production Management App or just want to catch up on the latest features and best practices? Join us (most!) Wednesdays for VPMA 101. This brief 20-minute webinar will get you up to speed on all you need to know about using. our Video Production Management App.

If you aren’t available on Wednesdays, even better! Let’s book a private call. I’m glad to give you a personal tour of the VPMA and we even can discuss video ideas.


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