Reasons Your Members (and You!) Will Love Monthly Update Videos

Reasons Your Members (and You!) Will Love Monthly Update Videos

With video marketing exploding worldwide—Cisco predicts that 80 percent of all internet traffic will be video by 2021—the monthly update video is the hottest trend in association marketing.

Associations Thrive on Fresh Content

Some videos are “evergreen” and stand the test of time. Others need updates, whether it’s a monthly CEO report or the number of soup kitchen meals served during a frosty January. The web is peppered with these videos for members eager to hear the latest about that new building project or key piece of legislation. Monthly update videos are an engaging way to keep your loyal members in the loop.


What Is a Monthly Update Video?


Monthly update videos are new videos that appear each calendar month. They may focus on the same topic—such as a financial update—or vary to pique your members’ interest. One purpose of a monthly update video is to keep your content from getting stale. After all, you update your wardrobe—nobody wears eighties-style shoulder pads anymore. The internet thrives on new information presented in an entertaining style. There are a few different types of monthly update videos if you want to switch up the styles or stick to one style.

With video, you can package all of the months’ events in a fast wrap-up. Instead of a weary slog through a whitepaper, your members get eye-catching video and upbeat sound.

Updates will encourage repeat visits to your site. Members get used to checking in to learn the latest news. Videos are the star of the internet right now, and people can’t get enough of them. Forbes writes that every day, people watch more than 500 million hours of video on YouTube.


Types of Monthly Update Videos


Monthly update videos can be serious or fun, personal or “just the facts.” You can: 

  • Interview a long-time sponsor or benefactor
  • Showcase your CEO or school superintendent with a monthly message
  • Inform members about twists and turns in crucial legislation
  • Promote an upcoming event to foster networking

These videos are tailored to fit your association’s style. A simple video with financial charts works for some. For others, live streaming video of a trade show or conference can make your members feel like they’re “on the scene.” There are countless ways to capture your audience with video: a live member poll, testimonials from members telling fun stories about past events, headquarters tours, product demos.

Some are dramatic, such as update videos from the scenes of hurricanes, with first responders bringing aid to victims. Others are warmhearted, like a tribute to a valued employee.

A Multiplier Effect on SEO

Monthly update videos drive web traffic to your site—a huge boost when marketing for associations. Google algorithms favor websites with videos. Google also ranks web pages higher when they have fresh content. If your site has more recent, updated content, that translates into higher search engine rankings. Monthly videos tackle a wide range of topics, multiplying hits and sparking viewer interest. 

It’s also important to keep up with the competition. A video marketing strategy is increasingly the centerpiece of marketing efforts. In one recent study, 83 percent of marketers said video is increasingly important in their promotion efforts. Monthly update videos are a favored tool.

Reach Members in a Meaningful Way

It’s not just web page clicks that matter. More important is how engaged your members are with what they see and hear. By this measure, video beats text, hands down. Viewers retain 95 percent of a message they view on video, versus just 10 percent of what they read.

Videos elicit emotion from your members. One-on-one interviews, scenes of philanthropy in action, reports from Capitol Hill—these create engagement in the viewer. Such a viewer is more likely to join an association or get actively involved.

If creating monthly updates seems time-consuming, you can leave the lion’s share of the work to us here at Association Studios. You tell us which topics your members want to learn more about, and we’ll do the rest. Monthly update videos run the gamut from straightforward to complex, depending on your needs. Either way, we’ll help you realize your vision, and your association will reap the benefits, month after month.


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