What is an Explainer Video?

What is an Explainer Video?

Does your organization need some action? Think video! It can be hard for associations to build a brand. Names can be long and hard to remember, and acronyms can be confusing. But the same technique that businesses use to get results can work for your group, too. An explainer video can put a face on your association and illustrate the value of membership.

Anatomy of an Explainer Video

What is an explainer video? It is just what it sounds like—a video that quickly explains your organization to an interested audience. Think of it as an elevator pitch. It is short and sweet, has a simple message, and focuses on forging a link of understanding between your group and your target audience. The video is strongly branded, so the viewer will definitely remember your association’s name after watching it.

A good explainer video effectively uses the following components:

  • Script: The text for an explainer video must be clear, concise and engaging. A video’s script can tell a story, tug on the heartstrings, or even use humor.
  • Music and Sound Effects: The style of audio used in an explainer video must be in sync with the message.
  • Voice over: Human voices create feelings of warmth and authority. Providing subtitles is a good idea for users who keep their sound turned off.
  • Animation and graphics: Visual devices are used to capture the viewer’s interest and segue from one point to the next.

Explainer videos naturally belong on your organization’s website, but they can also be placed on video hosting sites like YouTube, featured on social media, embedded in blog posts, and sent out in emails.

The Power of Video

Video transmits information quickly and easily. That’s the main reason to use video in your association’s PR efforts. That is not the only reason to use it, however. There are other major benefits:

  • Video gives you more visibility and web presence.If visitors to your site stay to watch a video—even a short one—they are probably staying longer than they would otherwise. Longer visits trigger search engines to rank your site more favorably.
  • Video increases conversions. Studies indicate that those who view videos are more likely to complete a transaction. Whether you are aiming for visitors to register as users, make donations, sign up for emails, or become members, you’ll get more results from a video.
  • Video is ideal for smartphones.Many mobile users prefer to watch something rather than read when using their devices.
  • Videos are cool.Videos leave the sort of impression that text and pictures alone can’t. They’re a great way to liven up your association’s image.

Why Just One?

Once you have a video that introduces your association, you may want to add others. You can answer video FAQs or present video testimonials. You may even want to add more explainer videos for different aspects of your organization. Video is a great medium for educating members, too. The possibilities are nearly endless. Once you see how a well-crafted video can make your organization look, you won’t want to stop with just one!

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