YouTube Wants to Give You Free Studio Space

YouTube Wants to Give You Free Studio Space

Once you start a YouTube channel, you are in essence now a “Creator.” Many people don’t actually realize that YouTube supports its creators in a variety of ways, the foremost being access to YouTube studios or “spaces”.

Across the country and the world are YouTube studios or “spaces,” as YouTube calls them. Think of a YouTube space as a fully-functioning studio, with everything you need to create a giant production. Not only do they have perfect green screen studios, standing sets (movie sets) and green rooms (where your talent can wait) but they have full post-production suites with all the latest and greatest software, voice over studios, and even live television studios.

There are also a variety of high-end cameras you can access. And we’re talking the same cameras that the big Hollywood Film Studios use to make their movies: such as the Phantom and The Red. Whether you want a go pro or the latest 360 VR camera, they’ll give it to you if they have it (and they near enough have everything!)

But It’s not only the cameras. There is sound gear, lights and grip equipment: essentially everything you need to make a stunning production. In addition, staff are always nearby to lend a helping hand if you need help in setting up or are having difficulty with equipment. While the staff won’t act as your crew, they can assist with setting up greenscreen lights for you and will help troubleshoot on set if you have any shooting issues.

One of the most amazing things is that there are often baristas at these spaces who offer free coffee and snacks to anyone there.

To gain access to this amazing resource, most creators need to build their YouTube channel up to 10,000 subscribers. At that point you’re able to use the studio once a month. When you get to over 100,000 subscribers you’re allowed in there three times a month. However registered non-profits only need 1000 subscribers to be able to unlock the spaces.

The main condition you have to agree with, is that whatever video you make, must premiere on YouTube.

At some spaces too, you’re able to book out rooms for events or to simply hold meetings. And everything is free. Sometimes the spaces have revolving movie sets you can film in, such as the interior of an airplane or a diner – which can add considerable production value to any project you’re making. You’ll be assigned a production coordinator who will assist you with your production.

Before accessing any of the spaces for the first time, you will have to go through a short “unlock the space” online course, and in some facilities, an in-person tour/orientation.

Using a YouTube space can offer an Association savings into the tens of thousands.

YouTube not only offers its creators free studio space, but it also offers classes on everything from how to operate a camera to how to optimize merchandise. There are workshops, from inspiring creativity to encouraging collaborations, with industry professionals brought it for talks and coaching.

There are free screenings and special events, such as Networking parties. Nearly everything YouTube does it does in style, so it caters most events. Nowadays YouTube creators are all types, all ages, and of various backgrounds and ability, so whether you attend alone or with co-workers, you can leave expectations at the door and certainly find something of value.

YouTube runs programs and pop up Spaces across the country, so even if there’s not a space near you now, there might be at some point.

You can find your nearest space here, as well as sign up to events happening near you:


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