Growing Your YouTube Community

Growing Your YouTube Community

If you have a COMMUNITY PAGE on your YouTube Channel, it gives you another way to speak with those who are most eager about what you’re doing and offers the chance to foster a positive community.

You can find your COMMUNITY tab in between your PLAYLISTS and CHANNELS.  Not all channels have COMMUNITY PAGES as it’s a new program being rolled out by YouTube.

There are 3 types of actions you can do:

Post an existing YouTube video

You can post any video that is on YouTube here; be it yours or from another channel.

If there is a particular video you want to highlight to your audience, here is a good place to do it. Perhaps it’s an older video that you feel never got much traction and was overlooked.

You don’t have to only post your own videos. You could post someone else’s video and ask your audience for feedback on it. Or you might have something fun or that which you think your audience will enjoy or gain value from.

Post a poll

Polls have a dual purpose:

They function to give you real feedback. If you want to really know something about your community, or what they think, then run a poll. You may often gain incredible insight and get answers you don’t expect. Knowing your community perspective can be invaluable, although it’s also good to note that not everyone who is a subscriber on your YouTube channel will be active on your COMMUNITY tab.

Polls encourage interaction, and from a community member’s point of view, they are contributing something back to you. You’re showing that YOUR MEMBERS opinions matter, and that you value them, which encourages positivity and interaction.

Upload a photo or GIF

Uploading a photo or a GIF can be used to get something across when you don’t need a full video to do it. Again, it’s interacting with your community and you should always remain relevant to your Association and not go too far off brand.


In order to find more subscribers, channels will team up and both promote each other’s content for mutual gain. You can post one of their videos to your COMMUNITY and simultaneously they will post one of your videos to their community.

If the two channels highlighted share a similar type of community, both your community and their community will enjoy being exposed to the other channel. The result should be a mutual increase in views and subscribers for both channels.


Posting on your community page information and/or a photo or a poll about a new video coming out can stir up anticipation. Think of it like the trailer for a movie. This can get your community excited about what you’re doing.


This is your community, so you can and should post whatever you feel brings value.


While YouTube encourages use of the COMMUNITY page, it’s also a relatively new feature, and several YouTube creators have reported that they actually lose traction and interest from their COMMUNITY when they post too much on their community page.

While each COMMUNITY is unique, the larger CREATORS we’ve spoke to say to limit the COMMUNITY POSTINGS to once a week.


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