How To Promote Your YouTube Channel

How To Promote Your YouTube Channel


Organic promotion is when your fans share your video. This is what everyone in the world strives for and can make a video go viral.


Always ask your viewers to share your video. Unless you do so, people won’t.


Your YouTube channel can be promoted by your other social media platforms. Example. If you have Twitter, you can drive your followers from there to YouTube. Don’t assume because you have followers on one platform, that they’re also on your YouTube channel. That is certainly not the case, as many people have preferences over different social media platforms.


Consider contacting channels for promotion collaborations. You promote their channel on your social media, and they promote yours. This works best when both channels are in the same niche. Most big creators do not consider other channels competition and have grown to where they are through collaborations.

Collaboration Video ideas:

Make a video and ask for it to be placed on someone else’s channel. The other channel will be happy because they’re given free content, and you’ll be spreading the word about your channel.

Have a mutual arrangement where both channels either shout out the other or promote the other to their audience. 

Allow channels to use some of your specific content in exchange for a mention and link in the description of said video.

Have your experts go on other channels, and then ask for a link to your channel in the video description.


Facebook groups are very active and foster a great community. Join a community and get a sense of how the group works. Once you actually become part of that community, you’ll find you’ll be able to make posts that resonate with the members and won’t instantly be deleted.


You may have email lists of members and when sending them a newsletter, can simply remind them about your channel.


Including your channel URL in your signature and/or address will lead people to it. The key is to make sure people know it exists and to be proud of it.


Seek out where people chat about your niche and include the links to your channel on your profile. Then, when you make interesting posts, forum members who inevitably check out the poster’s profile, will see your channel link and Association.


If you’re at a convention, print out flyers or postcards and hand them out. Make sure you have your channel URL printed on your business card so you can give that out when asked.

Think big. If you want the channel to grow and are giving out free gifts, make sure the name of your YouTube Channel is on it for everyone to see.


You can also sponsor videos. This is where you hire another YouTube Channel to promote yours. If you’re a Book Association, you might want to find a YouTube Influencer who is an active author. You pay that Influencer to promote your channel.

Note: If that author is part of the Book association, he/she may also do it for free. So it’s worth looking into your Association members to see if you have any potential free promotion resources. is the official Google Platform that partners Brands with YouTube channels.

Note: if you become a YouTube channel with over 10,000 subscribers, you will be able to bid on and receive sponsorships from other companies from


You could create a commercial/trailer for your channel and advertise it on other YouTube videos and/or across traditional media.

When it comes down to it, your promotion is “advertising” and people are always coming up with fun and creative ways to advertise. Think about what other resources you might already have in your association, as sometimes you may already have some great resources but not realize it.


When you set up your YouTube channel, on your MAIN Home Page you are given the chance to recommend other channels. Pick some channels that are similar to yours and put them in. Some channels don’t do this, as they don’t want to recommend “competition.”  But when you recommend channels here, YouTube then recommends your channel on other channels.

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