9 Jul 2023

Leveraging LinkedIn to Engage Your Association Members and Industry: A Guide to Effective Networking and Communication


LinkedIn, with its more than 700 million members globally, has proven itself to be a critical component in professional networking and business development. Associations looking to engage their members and industry can significantly benefit from the strategic use of this platform. The key to using LinkedIn effectively lies in understanding its unique features and capabilities.

This blog post offers several recommendations on how your association can harness the power of LinkedIn to boost member engagement and industry relations. Let’s get started!

1. Make Your LinkedIn Presence Known

Start by creating a compelling LinkedIn Page for your association. Ensure it is updated with all necessary information, including your mission, the benefits of membership, and contact details. Regularly post content relevant to your industry and audience to position your association as a thought leader. Remember, the aim is to provide value to your audience and inspire them to interact with your posts.

2. Encourage Individual Member Engagement

Encourage your members to link their personal LinkedIn profiles with your association’s page. They can do this by updating their work experience section to include their membership. This will not only lend credibility to your association but also provide broader exposure as their connections can see their affiliation with your association.

3. Leverage LinkedIn Groups

Create a LinkedIn Group for your association to foster a community where members can network, share experiences, ask questions, and discuss industry topics. Ensure the discussions are productive, respectful, and align with your association’s objectives. The group can also be a valuable feedback mechanism for your association, providing insights into your members’ needs and concerns.

4. Regular Webinars and Live Events

LinkedIn Events and LinkedIn Live provide unique opportunities for associations to engage with members and the industry. Consider hosting regular webinars or live Q&A sessions on trending industry topics. This not only enhances member engagement but also positions your association as an expert and thought leader in your industry.

5. Implement a Content Marketing Strategy

LinkedIn is an excellent platform for content marketing. Share blogs, articles, news, and other industry-related content. The content should be valuable and actionable to your audience. Use relevant hashtags to extend your reach. Don’t forget to engage with comments on your posts – engagement drives further engagement!

6. Embrace the Power of Video

LinkedIn users are 20 times more likely to share a video post compared to any other type of post. Here are a few ways your association can leverage video on LinkedIn:

a. Video Introductions: Create short video introductions for new members, board members, or staff. This can help foster a sense of community and familiarity within your association.

b. Showcase Events: Use video to provide sneak peeks or highlights of your events. If you host a conference, for instance, consider filming behind-the-scenes content, interviews with speakers, or event recaps.

c. Educate and Inform: Develop educational video content relevant to your industry. These could be explainer videos, tips and tricks, or deep dives into specific topics.

d. Member Spotlights: Feature your members in short video interviews. Discuss their industry insights, contributions to the association, or share their success stories.

e. Live Video: LinkedIn Live is an excellent tool for hosting Q&A sessions, panel discussions, webinars, and more. It’s a fantastic way to engage your audience in real-time and foster a sense of community.

Remember to keep your videos short, ideally under 2 minutes, as LinkedIn users often watch videos on the go. Make sure your videos have subtitles or captions for accessibility and for those who might watch with the sound off.


LinkedIn is a powerful tool for associations, providing numerous ways to engage with members and the wider industry. From creating a strong online presence to fostering a community via groups, hosting live events, and harnessing the power of video, LinkedIn can enhance your association’s reach and impact.

Remember, effective engagement on LinkedIn, like any other platform, is a long-term commitment. Consistent efforts in providing value, fostering communication, and promoting a sense of community will pay off in increased member engagement and industry recognition. Happy networking!

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