31 Dec 2023

Travel Per Diem to Help Save You Money

Jim Wacksman

Travel is an integral part of what we do at Association Studios. Whether we’re capturing footage at conferences or conducting interviews across the country, being on the move is part of our commitment to delivering exceptional content. However, we’re acutely aware of the challenges and costs associated with travel, particularly when it comes to meals and day-to-day expenses in different locales. That’s where the concept of a per diem becomes not just beneficial but essential.

Understanding the Per Diem Advantage

A per diem, or daily allowance, is allocated to cover meals and incidental expenses while traveling. This approach is instrumental in managing travel costs effectively, especially considering the elevated prices of meals in hotels and conference centers, which can be significantly higher than those we’d encounter at home. By receiving a per diem, our team can bridge the gap between home and away, ensuring that we’re focused on the project at hand without the distraction of disproportionate out-of-pocket expenses.

Strategic Cost Management

We’re committed to delivering top-tier video production services to associations at the lowest reasonable cost. Implementing a per diem system is a key strategy in our broader approach to budget management. This method allows us to keep overall costs in check without compromising the quality of our work or passing on unnecessary expenses to our clients.

Keeping Rates Fair for Everyone

One of the core principles behind our per diem policy is fairness. Instead of raising our rates across the board to cover travel costs, we opt for a per diem approach that allows us to adjust for the specific demands of each project. This targeted strategy means we can continue offering competitive rates without compromising on the deliverables. It’s about being fair to our team while also respecting the budgets of the associations we serve.

The Bigger Picture

The per diem model reflects our broader commitment to transparency, accountability, and strategic financial planning. We believe in making smart, informed decisions that benefit not only our team but also the associations we partner with. Our travel policy is just one example of how we’re constantly looking for ways to optimize our operations and pass those efficiencies on to our clients.

We believe the per diem system is more than just a way to manage travel expenses; it’s a reflection of our commitment to strategic cost management, fairness, and quality service. We’re dedicated to finding solutions that work for everyone, ensuring that we can continue to produce amazing videos for associations without unnecessary cost burdens. It’s a win-win approach that keeps us all moving forward, together.

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