6 Feb 2023

Leveraging Video Testimonials to Showcase the Value of Association Membership


If there’s one form of content that can dramatically increase the perceived value of your association membership, it’s the member testimonial. But not just any testimonial – we’re talking about video testimonials. Combining the power of storytelling with the visual impact of video can have a profound effect on prospective members. Today, let’s explore why video testimonials are so effective and how you can start utilizing them.

The Power of Video Testimonials

Video testimonials are potent for several reasons:

  1. Trust and Authenticity: People trust people. Seeing and hearing a real person share their positive experiences with your association creates an authentic connection that’s hard to replicate in text.
  2. Emotional Connection: Video has the unique capability to convey emotion. Watching a fellow member passionately talk about their experience can evoke an emotional response, making the message more compelling.
  3. Rich Information: With video, viewers get a wealth of information beyond just the words spoken. Tone of voice, body language, and background context all contribute to a richer, more engaging story.

Using Video Testimonials to Showcase Value

So, how do you use video testimonials to demonstrate the value of your association membership? Here are a few strategies:

  1. Highlight Diverse Experiences: Showcase testimonials from a variety of members – different industries, professions, and lengths of membership. This can help potential members find a story they relate to.
  2. Focus on Benefits: Encourage members to talk about specific benefits they’ve gained from the association. This could include networking opportunities, educational resources, industry insights, or career advancement.
  3. Showcase Success Stories: Have any of your members achieved significant milestones or successes thanks to their association membership? Encourage them to share these stories. Success stories can serve as powerful motivators for potential members.
  4. Address Common Concerns: If there are common concerns or misconceptions about your association, find a member who can address these in their testimonial. This can help reassure potential members.

Getting Started with Video Testimonials

Ready to start collecting video testimonials? Here are a few tips:

  • Make it Easy: Your members are busy. Make the process as simple as possible for them. Consider sending a videographer to their location or providing clear instructions on how they can record a good-quality video on their own.
  • Guide Them: Provide some guidance on what to talk about, but encourage them to share their personal story and experiences. Authenticity is key.
  • Show Appreciation: Don’t forget to show your gratitude for their time and effort. A simple thank you, a small gift, or a highlight on your social media channels can go a long way.

In conclusion, video testimonials can serve as powerful tools in showcasing the value of your association membership. They provide authentic, compelling, and relatable insights into what it’s like to be a part of your association, which can be invaluable in attracting new members.

So, start capturing those member stories, and let them speak for the value you offer. Happy filming!

Until next time, keep sharing and connecting!

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